Farewell to Matthew
A good friend

by Barry S. Maltese

Today God called back a beautiful person
a young man with a soft, caring heart.
And Matt was Someone you liked in an instant
making a friend of you, right from the start.

Today he went back up to his maker
leaving behind so very many who cared
For when Matthew saw that anyone needed
he always so selflessly shared

Be it Baseball, or Church, or out on the street
we would always greet with a smile
Never really complaining about anything at all
for griping was never his style

Matt will forever, be missed by so many
I will always remember the times that we met
For inside of the moments that we shared together
was a treasure that I wont soon forget

Rest in Peace, my young friend
with you up there as their short stop their team can't lose!

Matthew Died before his 17th Birthday.  The people who attended his funeral not only filled a Church designed to hold over 700 people, but  poured out into the large gathering area, out onto the steps, and onto sidewalk outside the church.

I am not sure if I feel more sorry for the people who will miss such a wonderful person, or those who will never have had a chance to meet him.

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