Life's Chisel

by Barry S. Maltese

Like a hammer chizzles a stone
our experience carves out our lives
Shaped by the things we are forced to go through
our personality adjusts, and thrives.

From the steps that we stumble as a child
to the times we rise up, when we are grown
The scars that we have from all we went through
are not all that easily shown

But each person is sculptured every day they exist
and they form by each stroke that life makes
though living chips away another piece of our being
it leaves behind much more than it takes

For it leaves us as a better work of art
though our mirrors will not always display
Yes, we grow as a person with each thing that we feel
. . . be it happiness, or total dismay

So, each time that you think it's a set back
and your patience has been stretched to it's length
consider it a growing experience
one that has just proven your strength

(c)2010 Barry S. Maltese

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