Your Hand at Work

by  Barry S. Maltese

I joyfully walked out to my car
hoping to start my day with fun
But then Unhappily I did see
what some pesky birds had done
Then as I closed my auto's door
sat down quietly with disdain
Suddenly to see God's hand at work
sending down some cleansing rain

I drove my vehicle to my job
a pile of paperwork awaited me
Sadly shaking my aching head
sulking over what had to be
Then I recalled how days fly by
when God's Love is used to make it fun
I finished all that I had to do
way before my day was done !!

Oh, God the gifts you always bring
without me ever knowing
Like the lively scent of a summer breeze
right after the storm stops blowing
I do not always see at first
the beauty amidst the danger
But you have sent me so many a friend
who at one time was a stranger

So, now I try my best, My Lord
to see the good in what must be
Not to doubt your hidden plans
just because I can not see
For inside of all my daily trials
even the times that I've been burned
Is a very special strength developed
and an important lesson learned


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