Some Advice to my Children
by Barry S. Maltese

Look to the Future
    and don't dwell in the past
        For things as they are
            Never will last

All of the good
    As with All of the bad
        Will not keep you smiling
            or will not keep you sad
Instead what will happen
    on many a given day
        Life will become so new
            in a very exciting way

It will slowly replace
    what was once there before
        In a very special way
            you can not just ignore

For all things will change
    and every play has it's curtain
        And some things will be missed
            of this, I am certain
But as each of us grow
    play our part in God's plan
        We will give it our all
            for as long as we can
So try hard to adjust
    as many things re-arrange
        So us, and so others
            see we also can change

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