by   Barry S. Maltese

Today I was somebody's angel
reached into their life, when they needed a friend
Today I made a small special difference
in the message that a person could send

I changed a human life today , just a bit
and made them smile deep inside
And after helping this person to cope
it gave me a feeling of great pride

Today I was somebody's angel
the same way that another touched me
Now I can see how my angel felt
when they kindly had set my pains free

As if God sends us places at certain times
to help other people to live
Working God's will to touch a soul
with a gift that is so needed us to give

Today I was somebody's angel
that person asked what could be done in return
I told them what my angel had said to me . . .
to help ease someone else's concern

This way the good deed always passes on
and can give someone else a great lift
Fulfilling the message originally sent
truly making it a very special gift


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