This poem is written in Memory of all those who's lives were effected by the Terrorist Bombing that took place at the 
Federal Building in Oklahoma on April 19th, 1995.  
A Horrendous Act, villainously performed by a fellow American. The Victims were people, like you and I, who just wanted to live out their lives in Peace and Harmony.

May they, and all their loved ones, once again, someday know true comfort


Oklahoma Tears
by Barry S. Maltese

They started their morning leaving for work
just like so many of us did
Some left behind their children and loved ones
some brought along their own kid

Each went onward from the safety of home
to take care of their life that day
Not realizing that some Fellow American
had intended to keep them away

They handled their lives and responsibilities
without malice intentions or hate
And though none of us is ever truly perfect
they did not deserve such a fate

All of them were so busy trying to earn
their version of the "American Dream"
Not expecting to find an eternal sleep
by the hand of a terrorist scheme

What could that man had been thinking
as he constructed and planted that bomb
Did he take time to picture the devastated lives
of the innocent people he'd harm

Though so many TRUE Americans rallied to help
The telltale scars will remain
And the memory of how such a horrible man
caused so much destruction and pain
(c)2000Barry S. Maltese

On June 2nd, 1997 at approximately 2:00pm, young Mr. Timothy McVeigh was Convicted of Creating, Planting, and triggering the explosion that resulted in the deaths of 168 of his fellow Americans. The Deadliest terrorist act ever inflicted on American soil . . . he was later sentenced to death to pay for his devastating act of Murder . . . May God have mercy on his Soul.