That Special Calling
by Barry S. Maltese
This Poem is about the night that Jesus spent in the garden before He gave up his
mortal life to save our Immortal Souls.........

Yes, I expected to hear from you, Father
for this night follows all you had planned.
I will complete your words, for they are truth
but I beg you to now take my hand

My future road that you've chosen is long
and I fear how it too soon must end
Yet, I will walk it, every single step
in the direction that Your Will shall send

It is such an honor to be your son
to know of the great world that awaits
Also to do what You need to be done
 to fulfill all that Your true word states

Yes, my Father I will die for them
after I started spreading your word
Heralding your Love throughout the land
in a voice that is sure to be heard

The legacy of Love, that I now shall leave
someday, will so strongly catch on
But people everywhere won't understand
not until long after I am gone

Yet, only when they fully comprehend your Love
and all of their hatred can cease
Will all of the fighting come to an end . . .
and everyone can then live in Peace


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