Driven by Hate
by  Barry S. Maltese

Somewhere in America
in Hometown U.S.A
Are a bunch of little children
so happily at play
They interact so peacefully
each wanting to give and take
All having fun with each other
just for enjoyment sake

But off there in the corner
is a dejected little child
Not allowed to share in all the fun
he's one who hasn't smiled
He feels that he's not wanted
and inside his hate does build
Until after years of agony
his darkened personality is filled

Then in the darkness of one night
his fate becomes all planned
To gather all of his resources
and make a final stand
He will get his deadly vengeance
on everyone who ever stared
And he will make them pay the price
because they never cared

But how does hate make things better
than simply reaching out
How can this bring a quiet end
to the questions and the doubt
Killing wont ease the bitter years
or empty the frustration stored
For only Love can ease the pain
of the loneliness that was endured

Reach out to those around you. We are all differant and have our own way of seeing things . . .  it is what makes the world go around, it's what makes us all special!
Our Children ARE our future, take good care of them.


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