by Barry S. Maltese

Sitting so very quietly on a warm summery beach
The hot smooth sand is like a carpet of beige crystals
sparkling in the warm sunny glare of the sun.
The water, so blue and vibrant, crashes loudly
against the shore as it washes up before me . . .
almost as if it came to bow to me,
then retreat in respectful homage
leaving behind a gift of cool water to relieve me

The warm sun beats against my shoulders
as seagulls dance in the air calling out mockingly to the waves
. . . . and in the breeze, once again . . .
I can hear your voice speak to me

I look to the blueness of the sky
as your message fills my soul
I see your image in my mind,
as your memory engulfs my heart.
For you are there with me in spirit,
although you can not be here in reality
because for all time your heart will be with mine.

How does one describe eternity
when it is so vast and unreachable
although it is how long you will encompass me

How does one envision completeness
as great, and as total, as it can become
for you are within me, completely

How can I articulate the gratitude
of how joy fills my soul at the realization
that for eternity i will never be alone - ever again!

                 (c)2000Barry S. Maltese