\In Memory of
   John Gibson   and    Jacob Chestnut 

Two men who gave their lives in protecting our nation's capital and our leaders . . . in essence, protecting Democracy itself !!
May God rest and protect their souls . . . as they have protected ours.

Journeying to work every single day
never sure if it would be their last
Proud to serve and protect our Capital
as their Heroes of the past
Each one putting on their Uniform,
their badge, and their side arm
Vowing, that even if for one more day
to protect our Leaders from harm
Being Professionals inside of their hearts
as they had been required to be
They joined together over the years
into one big family
Each officer knew inside of his being
the daily risk that he would take
Yet, proud of what he had chosen to do
and contribution that he could make
Then the moment became too real
and Gibson and Chestnut did respond
Serving, in reality, as we would have hoped
Above . . . and truly Beyond
Stopping a gunman, as they were trained to do
and giving their lives for us all
Saving many people in that fatal moment
God Bless them for answering their call


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