Pray for the men and women . . .The Dedications Pages . . . who gave their lives for our freedom

written by

Barry S. Maltese

The following poems on this Page, and the Links below, are Dedicated to all those who have Served and Sacrificed for the sake of Freedom.

People like:

Robert Passanisi

 who fought with Merrills Marauders in the jungles of Burma during WWII

Freddie Erban

who in WWII fought with the Big Red One, on the Beaches of Normandy.

John Passanisi

who entered the army in March of 1966 to serve with the 7th Battalion in South Korea on Hawk Mountain.

Bobby Passanisi

entered the service in April of 1966 and was assigned to a group called MAG-V serving in Vietnam.

Lance Long

 also entered the service around April of 1966 and was originally an M.P., but later re-assigned to be a door gunner on a chopper in Vietnam.

Lee Gold
(still active)

who joined the Navy in February 1982, and aboard the U.S.S Harry E. Yarnell he served as part of the Multi-National Peace Keeping Force in Beirut in 1983, and touring in Libia in 1986. Since then he also trained future E.T.'s to do their job at defending our Country 

Those men, and so many others like them stood up against tyrany and came home to make a country great. We owe each and every one of them a debt that we can never truly repay... it is because of Human Beings with such bravery, that the Flag still flies for Freedom and Justice ...

May God Bless them All



Our Flag
added on 06/02/2001

"The Memorial"
A soldier pays his respects
to one of his heros
added  11/12/1999

"The Veteran"
A soldier looks back
(added 4/14/1999

"The symbol of freedom"
a new favorite of those who have been visiting here
Dedicated to our Glorious Flag
and those who died to keep it flying

"For the Sake of Peace"
A Dedication to those who fought
to keep our world free

"Too Many Heroes"
To all of those who have died
for the sake of Peace (posted 11/06/97)


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Merrill's Marauders
A Brave Group
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the China - Burma


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