Course Description
for the
Accident Prevention workshop
Presented by
Barry S. Maltese
595 W. Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY  11743
(631) 271-0300 office

I have taken this course many times before I decided to become an Instructor in 1995.
It was my sitting through many other's presentations, that made me PROMISE that
I would NEVER just sit there and only read from the book!  Although the workbook is so
VERY informative, there is more to the course than text alone . . .
for the Text is designed to bring out everyone's experiences and Knowledge,
it is that part that enriches us the most.

The way I teach the class includes the great workbook, some jokes, and a few
visual aids that add to the class to keep it moving! You will not be cheated
out of anything due you from the workshop.

My theory is that if you enjoy the class more, you will remember more!

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