Please NEVER give up faith . . .
And the Devil Laughed
by Barry S. Maltese

The Devil Laughed so loud and Clear
for hate replaced all that God held dear
With War, Famine, and dreams undone
Satin saw his battle was almost won

As people anguished and gave up their fight
the devil's  spirits took joyful flight
For as we gave in and felt hatred, too
Lucifer relaxed, thinking the war was through

Yet, still inside one courageous soul
the feeling of hope remained in control
Reaching out to those around him in need
moved the power of Love with amazing speed

The Love he shared so quickly spread
reviving the hopes that were one time dead
People stood together to help, and to give . . .
the true force of faith would grow and live

The King of Darkness saw all his plans fail
as Goodness, and Kindness, did prevail
So, he decided to retreat, until better staffed
and as he scampered away . . . the Devil laughed


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