Joseph Paul DiMaggio 

by Barry S. Maltese

Picking up a baseball, bat, and glove
and jogging out before the crowd
Hearing the roar of the eager fans
screaming both happy and loud
Answering hopes with a swing or a catch
Joe always gave of his best
DiMaggio played NOT for the money
but to excel above the rest

At a time when the world needed heroes
for people to respect and to know
Came this man of skill and of courage
Joseph Paul DiMaggio
People looked up to "Jolting Joe"
because of the way he lived each day
You could always trust the Yankee Clipper
in all he'd do and say

A sense of pride surrounded this man
on and off of the field
And Joe lived without all the skeletons
that today are so easily revealed
Number 5 existed with style and grace
giving everything from deep in his heart
And when he was called up to life's plate
Joe did much more than his part

Rest in Peace Joe, your legend shall live on

10 pennants  *  9 World Series  *  3 MVP's
56 game Hitting Streak  *  361 Home Runs
325 Lifetime batting average  *  Hall of Famer
No Scandals  *  Beloved Human Being

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