The Family Reunion

written by

Barry S. Maltese

This poem was written after my wife's nephew married a very lovely lady in Missouri. Family members flocked to Mossouri from all parts of these United States to celebrate... and many joyful memories were exchanged. This writing was done after a whole new group of memories were created...

They all embraced each other
it had been so very long.
As if inside each other's hug
was where they'd all belong.
Not believing so much time had passed
since the last time that they met.
Knowing this moment would always be...
one that they would never forget.

The gazes were ones of disbelief
because time had changed them all.
Some changes were fairly dramatic how the little ones grew tall.
Other changes were far more subtle
like maybe a
little less hair.
Yet, they were all the same great people
the types that would always care.

"Catching up" was the desire of the day
something that was happily done.
For learning more about those you Love
is always so very much fun.
Some people shared their funny jokes
and the road life had lead them to...
Every one felt so very enriched
when all of the sharing was through.

But the time we could share soon came to pass
for our roads would call us again.
Not knowing when they'd see each other
hoping their visit didn't have to end.
Embracing lovingly, one last time
each valiantly maintaining their smiles.
Taking the Love, and new Memories
to warm the future days...and miles.

(c)Barry S. Maltese


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