F. A. Q.

Here are some of the Questions that I get asked the most
regarding the course and the Discounts

How long does it take for me to get my 10% discount ?
In approximately 4 to 8 weeks you will get your certificate from the Empire Safety  Council,  but  it  is effective  from  the  date  that  you  complete the course and your insurer  should  be  able to backdate the discount for you.

Exactly what percent off do I get, and how does it apply ?

You get  10% off  of your Collision,  Liability,  and  your  No-Fault (P.I.P.) coverage's.  You do not  get a discount off of your Comprehensive  coverage because the course does not make your
car any less stealable.  It is hoped that in helping to make you a little better driver the other coverage's will be used less by your Insurance company.

When will the Violations or accidents actually come off of my Driver's License Record ?

 This, or any course  for  that  matter, does  not  physically  remove  any violations or  accidents  from  your Driving Record.   Instead it  applies a notation to your record and gives you a
10% discount (which, in some cases, is equivalent to up to 4 points on your License). This is done because the Department of Motor Vehicles  does Not want you  thinking  that  taking  this course gives you a credit toward future violations, and now that you've completed the course you can  go  out  and  speed  a few  more  times.   REMEMBER, 11 points in 18 months can still  lead  to  the  Suspension  or  Revocation  of your License.

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