The eyes of the heart
                                     by Barry S. Maltese

There is hatred in the streets
there is anger, and such rage
I am so afraid of this story
as each day turns another page

For it seems to get so much worse
as this story slowly unfolds
And the pain has only intensified
with each feeling that it holds

My friend's skin has a color
and it is much different than mine
And as far as we are each concerned
we are both just doing fine

Yet, there are so many others
who have never come to know
how two very different people
can help this friendship to grow

For my good friend, just like I
knows that deep down inside
that we are so very much the same
and we share that fact with pride

But we see the world that is around us
falling completely apart
for people just can't see, as we do
with the eyes of the heart

So try to see your fellow man
as a great gift from above
Placed on this Earth, just like you
to exist, to grow, and to love

We all have the same goals in mind
And can share to that same end
Try to repair your future friendship
before it's  too broken to mend
(c)1999Barry S. Maltese

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