A friend in motion ?!
by   Barry S. Maltese

There are times when a person walks through your life
and they briefly become a good friend
Though this friendship's time seems so very limited
you can sense it is one that wont end

For during the time that you two share together
you exchange so much that's inside
And through the parts of all that was shared
you are somehow permanently tied

For inside of each moment of hillarious laughter
or one where you shared a small fear
Are the bonds that bring you closer together
and makes that friendship more dear

So, as you journey ever onward, meine friend
one thing you always should know
I will always remember your bright happy smile
it will stay with me, where ever you go

Liebe wohl, Wenke meine friend . . . tootles, au revoir, adieu, salute, farewell,
and Auf Wiedersehen . . . Until we meet again . . .
Dein,  Barry

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