About the Instructor

I have been in the Insurance Business for well over a Decade now
~ Amazing how I still look so young, isn't it ! (Ha, Ha !!)
Don't laugh TOO loud, now!!

The experience that I have gained from being in Insurance for so long, along with the experiences that have been shared with me, by past students, helps me bring something
more 3-dimentional to each class.

More importantly, I enjoy doing this so much that many people
have told me how my enthusiasm flows over into each class.

I worked for The Allstate Insurance Company in the Hicksville area for many years
before I moved my office into Huntington the town where I have happily lived,
and have been an active part of the community for so very long.

Ever since I've been in the Insurance business, I have gone by the saying that
"Life is like a Well, if you don't put something into it,
then someday when you go to dip in
you will not find anything inside."

So because of my desire to give back to my Communities I have
tried my best to be active . . .  here are some of my ventures . . .

Past Officer of the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce
Present Member of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce
Past Assistant Cub Master for Pack 239 ~ Huntington
4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus
Member of the Huntington Station Rotary Club
Baseball Coach
Eucharistic Minister
Notary Public

Not to mention the Father of three Beautiful Kids, Loving Husband,
and a very involved Insurance Person . . . I don't just Sell Policies,
I service them, too !!!

So, come and join me for one Saturday. You'll
Lose about 10% on your Insurance Price . . .
and Gain a great deal more knowledge!!!

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