In Memory
Irving Forman
In Sympathy
       with Love
                                                               by  Barry S. Maltese

When you look at the past
you will easily view
The parts of his life
that are a large part of you
You will feel in your heart 
his soft caring touch
And the very special moments
that you value so much

For awhile some occasions
will not feel the same
For he has touched many memories
too numerous to name
Yet, he is still in that  "Love"
that he left in your care
And as long as you cherish
He will always be there
So, hold onto all the memories
the one's that you hold dear
Through your most desperate moments
he will somehow draw near
You must know deep inside of you
with the graces that he had stored
He has gone to be with his maker
to his rest, and to his reward