In The Stillness 
by Barry S. Maltese

In the calm still of the darkness
when the world is fast asleep
I go deep into my soul
where my secrets I safely keep
There, all of my problems,
get locked out in the dark
and the truth that is hidden in me
is so very honest and stark

For the world can never know me
in the special way that I do
except for those that are the closest
except for the very few
and within every thought filled moment
of empty darkness endured
yet another self honed  facet
is confirmed, and reassured

For there is still so very much
that I still do have to learn
about my truthful tenderness
and my hidden passions that burn
So as I contemplate my being
and I now relax, and reflect
I see so much more clearly
through my thorough introspect

(c)2000Barry S. Maltese


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