This poem was inspired by someone that I met one day who
could not deal with people.
Constantly avoiding others he would keep to the confinement of his own apartment where he felt safe from outsiders . . .
that is, of course, until he met me !

(the term "small man" has nothing to do with size of body, but that of character
which changed drastically once he was forced to open up)


In a very small place
that was always unseen
was a very small man
who was cranky and mean

He stood where he was
to remain undisturbed
and his mixing with others
was kept muted and curbed

Then, one very bright day
he was mistakenly found
under the ledge of the crack
he designed in the ground

He tried not to be seen
and curled up like a ball
But they knew he was there
in the place he did crawl

So unable to hide
he was forced to come out
Greatly changing his life
beyond a shadow of doubt

Interacting wasn't  painful
as he feared it would be
And he wasn't really hurt
by all the people he'd see

In fact, the only real problem
the only true crime
Is that while he was hidden
he wasted so much precious time

(c)Barry S. Maltese1999

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