Loss of Words
by Barry S. Maltese

I gaze into your eyes
and a thousand moments of passion come to life once again.
I hear the whisper of your voice
and echoes of a million fulfilled promises fill my ears.
I smell the sent of your hair and taste of your lips
and I am magically transported to a place where love was still new and exciting.
and the touch of your hand
awakens my senses to a level that I haven't felt since the last time we embraced
. . . .  Yesterday !  :-)

How do I tell you how very deeply I Love you, when the words elude my very grasp.
How do I describe the void that would be there if you ever left me,
when mankind has not yet created a language that could describe the depth of emotion
that you generate within my heart.

You have become such a large part of who I am that I would cease to exist if you
were no longer there . . . .
The very essence of my soul has been filled with my love for you, and i can not
remember anymore, the me that was there before you entered my life.

I Love you, and these very words seem insignificant when I hold them up in
comparison to how you fill my very being . . .
I love you, and that's all that society has given me to tell you, so that you might know what you   mean to me . . . I love you, but truthfully, you just might never know
how very, very much . . . .

(c)Barry S. Maltese2000


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