Love Exists
by Barry S. Maltese

I believe that love can conquer all
it waits to answer every call
I use these words not to deceive
It truly is what I believe . . .
Love is a cushion when we fall

I know that hate is very strong
but using anger is also wrong
For Love exists in every county
plant it's seeds and reap it's bounty
 . . . love will help us again to belong

Fear undermines all that we do
turning our heads from what is true
and all the things that we hold dear
is ransomed off with all our fear . . .
Don't let fear control the best of you

So please be brave, give of your love
use your heart to rise above
The tree survives, it grows and bends
please heed the message that it sends . . .
The eagle must exist beside the dove
(c)2000 barry s. maltese