Updated 03/31/2009

Welcome to the contact page for Vincent Maltese,
known to his family and friends as Vinny, or Cenzo.

As Many of you know, Vinny is back home from the service and is living
the Civilian Life.  His Family and Friends are so proud
of what he did for his Country.

Here you will find a small Picture Page that shows part of his adventure

To our Wonderful Son, and to so many out there just like him
Thank You, and God Bless You for what you have been willing to do
for a Grateful Country.

Some Photos from Vinny's Delayed Entry Program Days

A Few from his time in Uniform

News from Vinny

Aug 29,2005  - 5:30pm :Vinny called from the  LAG airport to tell us that he and Nick are guides for the recruits  as they  go from NY to SC.  This is a leadership position.  He was very happy and excited to be heading to Boot camp.

Aug 30,2005  -1:58am: Vinny called reading a very scripted message saying that
"he has arrived safely at boot camp. He will be contacting us soon with his mailing address, and not to send him any bulky items" . . . .  God Speed Vinny, we all Love you very much.

Sept 19th - 10:30am: We received letters from Vinny telling us how his platoon 1100 was challenged by platoon 1102. They performed drill maneuvers (popin sticks). Vinny said "We kicked so much butt. They ain't sitting right for a week"

"tell everyone I love them and Please write me !"

Vinny is also the Lay Reader at Mass on Sunday. He is a "Warrior for Christ"
Vinny says at Church the whole congregation yells the last lines of
The Battle Hymn of the Republic . . . "As He died to make us holy, let us
die to make Man free!"

"Tell all my cousins  I am taking them paint balling"

"I can't wait to go to the gas chamber" This is where they practice using gas masks and  not rubbing their eyes .
"I can make my own bed and stuff"
" The more you sweat in recruit training  the less you bleed in combat"

Click HERE to see pictures

Click here to see a few cartoons
that I hope that you will enjoy

An open letter to my son Vinny

When a man becomes a father he hopes and prays that his children will become the kind of people that he can introduce to anyone.
He tries to instill inside his children's the values needed for them to become a good person

My son Vinny has decided to become a Marine. To become the kind of man who puts his life on the line to defend freedom. He knows fully what it entails, and he, along with so many others like him, shall protect all the rights that I so gratefully enjoy.

Vinny, I am so very proud of you, and I want the whole world to know what a pleasure that you have made it for me to be your father.   And though I'd rather you choose a safer profession, I have never been prouder of
any choice ever made by anyone.

God Bless You Vinny, I pray that your Guardian Angel stays diligent and true, and brings you, and all the other brave men and women, home safely.

God Speed my son. I Love You, eternally.
Your Dad

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