The Memorial
by Barry S.Maltese

He walked up to the Veterans Monument

looking carefully for one certain name
The one of a very special hero
that had never achieved great fame
Examining each line so attentively
he then smiled, then extended his hand
Touching the imprint gently and firm
as straight, and tall, he'd stand

As his fingers caressed all of the writing
some memories had awaken once more
With pictures of fear, and noises, and pain
while being stretched out on a cold dirt floor
In his vision he saw a man running to him
who told him it will all be ok
Though death is present all around us now
you shall not die here today

His hero carried him off to safety
through the bullets, and through the bombs hale
Taking him completely out of harms way
in a promise that just wouldn't fail
He never saw his hero, ever again
though, since then in stories he'd heard
that Brave man died while saving others
and did without complaining a word

So, now as he gazed his heroes' name
standing tall, with a voice that was mute
And as a tear rolled down his stalwart cheek
he valiantly gave him one last salute
  (c)2002 Barry S. Maltese

Thank You to All of my Heroes that fought in the name of Freedom and Human Rights
 . . . it is a debt that we can never completely repay!



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