Welcome to the Saint Hugh Productions
presentation of the timeless Classic

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Lionel Bart
Based on Charles Dickens' novel  "Oliver Twist"

Once again, a new production begins. And I, along with my
trusty Camera shall mill around and try to capture both
mundane and poinient moments. Eventually, I shall also
put together a Lampoon page with cute subtitles.

This Page shall also host schedules, and news bulletins
containing important messages from our Directors.

It has been an honor being associated with this acting group
for the past few years, not just because of the great talent
that I have witnessed both in front, of and behind the curtains,
but the great hearts that beat within each of them . . . I look
foward to the comeradery shared by our cast during this production, it has always been the greatest fringe benefit.
See you all under the Limelight :-)

If you are in this production, it might be wise to bookmark
this page, and return to it periodically.

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Rehearsal Schedule
For October 2004
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Rehearsal Schedule
For November 2004
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*** Added 10/25/2004 ***
Costume Requirements

for Orphans and Adults


If you wish to see a few
Photos of the Auditions
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Photos of our
First Rehersal
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More Rehersal Pictures
Some with Captions added

Picture Update
October 22nd, 2004

Picture Update of
November 11th, 2004

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