for the Play Oliver

Here are some examples

of the types of attire
worn during that era.

Good Luck Mate!!

Costume Requirements

Clothes must PLEASE look old and very ragged!!
PANTS: Assorted ragged knee length  in brown, gray, black, dark blue, ect
Assorted shirts in various colors, ragged, patched, ect
Caps: Old looking Cloth
ACCESSORIES: Sack Jackets, Vests, V-Necked cardigan sweaters
SHOES: Black jazz-style shoes or ballet slippers, no socks

Utilitarian style clothing. A little "worse for wear"
TROUSERS: Dark colored straight legged pants - NO JEANS - or kickers
(do not wear flared, bell bottomed, or cuffed pants)
SHIRTS:  Any light colored shirt (hopefully beige or white)
SHOES: Black scuffed up ones
SOCKS:  Dark
ACCESSORIES: Vests, sweaters, sack coat, Walking stick<
Pocket watches/ with chain, gloves w/fingers cut off
HATS:  Derby, or Cloth Cap


SKIRTS: very full ones, subdued for most scenes. You will change
to brighter skirt for "who will buy" scene. It will be nice
if you can find a petticoat.
BLOUSES: Peasant style, Victorian High Necked Style,
any light color will be acceptable
Black tights
SHOES: Lace up boot style shoe, character shoe in black
ACCESSORIES:  Hats, Mob caps, lace cap, short cotton gloves,
aprons, reticules (purses)