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The Wizard of Oz


Last Updated October 30th, 2003

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***Tickets are NOW on Sale***

for this 2003 production
to be held at St. Hugh's Church
November 15th at 8:00pm (Saturday)
November 16th at  2:00pm   (Sunday)
November 22nd at 8:00pm (Saturday)
November 23rd at  2:00pm   (Sunday)

$10 per Adult  - $7 per Child under 12 & Senior Citizen
See Rita quickly - before the day you want sells out!!

For those of you who are familiar with the past web pages that I had made for
"Scrooge", and "Meet me in St. Louis"
I hope you know that I will try my best to display the fun side of our Production,
while STILL remaining tasteful, and not too corny.
With my roving camera, I try to capture spontaneous actions
that will forever remain as cherished memories.

To those of you that have shared those snapshots of your personal history with me
 . . . Thank you - so VERY much. . . .
May your life stay filled with many joyful smiles. . . .

I shall TRY to UPDATE this Page
at least ONCE a week
. . . Enjoy!

Lost your Copy of the Rehearsal Calendar?
Click Below to see a copy . . .

Rehearsal Schedule for October

Rehearsal Schedule for November

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September 22nd, 2003 Update

September  28th, 2003 Update

October 10th, 2003 Update

October 21st, 2003  --  Update

  October 30th, 2003 Update  

November 1st, 2003 Update

November 14th, 2003 Update

Here we have some of our Characters
in FULL Costume
If you are in the Play
and NOT in this section,
AND wish to be
PLEASE seek me out!

Soon to come
Pictures of our Dress Rehersals
Without titles or punns
on the pictures

That's all for now
But I have many more pictures just waiting to arrive on the net to share.
Till then, stay well . . . Barry