Poetic Creations
by Barry S. Maltese

Quietly, I sit on this lovely day
The sunlight enhancing the colors
of all that is around me
Brightness replaces the gloom
that had settled in before
Evicting it completely from my world -
for the time being

With the enchanting sunlight comes warmth
like the rush that comes after a true love's embrace

Then suddenly
while basking in the relaxation
I hear her call to me
like a long lost lover
beckoning out to me
Like an addiction, an enchantress
one that refuses to let me go
YES! The dreaded one! . . . . HER!!!
The Pen!

Slender and sleek
she takes my hand
I try to refuse her
but she fits so nicely into my soft, warm, grip

While we are united together she reaches
into my heart
into my soul
embracing my mind
coaxing out my thoughts
massaging out my feelings
rhythm, to meter, constant and flowing
word by word, pen stroke by pen stroke
joining with me into a complete poetic release

And as I calmly sit afterwards
in the afterglow of the event
The embrace of this special friend still with me
Thankful for the moment
Thinking peacefully about what we had just created
basking in the joy
on this quiet and lovely day . . . .
. . . captured in unity, by my Pen and I

 (c)2000Barry S. Maltese