In Honor of the Graduating class of

Lindenhurst Senior High

20 year reunion
August 16th, 1997

In School about 20 years ago
as each of us were merely standing around
We discussed our hopes, and all of our dreams
with a very positive sound
It was only about 20 years ago
that we all smiled a sad good-bye
Off to make all of our plans turn real...
or as best as we could try.

Now, on this special night we meet
in almost the very same way
As if we were all still back in the past
and it was only the very next day
I still see that glimmer in your smile
and it is still a pleasure to be near it
Although we've aged about 20 years
You've still kept up that very same spirit

So, now we shall each look ahead again
for the future will always be there
It's nice to know you are still around
and I can see that you somehow still care
And though we shall travel our separate roads
so often very new and strange
We shall take with us the comforting knowledge
...That some things Never will change!

(c)Barry S. Maltese1997



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