A Sad Reflection
by  Barry S. Maltese

I Looked in the mirror yesterday
after the party had ended
Seeing how the passing of the years
was kind to those I'd befriended

They all looked so well for their age
but I looked a little bit worn
As if the book of life we all shared
turned the pages, and mine were all torn

I did not like what I had seen
as I gazed in the mirror that day
The way I turned out was all my fault
and only I had turned out that way

Maybe if I took better care of myself
and not just let myself go
I would not have become the fat old man
that I have come to know

When did it happen, on my journey onward
where did I take that wrong turn
And before it had gotten this very bad
why didn't I notice and learn

I must try hard to right this great wrong
starting back on the road I had traveled before
Then maybe I wont get so very upset
when I look in the mirror once more

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