Sheila's Rain

With her face tilted up to the sky
and her arms stretched out - open wide
sheila greets the warmth of the sun
like a long lost love

And like that love, the sunlight embraces her
engulfing Sheila completely
becoming one with her
relaxing Sheila's entire body completely
as it revitalizes her very soul

Deep within the glow
she ponder on where her warm lover had gone
it's rendezvous with the clouds
- was way too long!
but now that it is back the rain is gone
and the lady is too happy to argue

So enthralled in the moment
enjoying every second of the sun's company
- while it lasts

Knowing one fact far too well
the rain will come again into her life
only making Sheila appreciate the sun even more
when it returns to purge her of sorrow

Welcome back lover
and next time . . .
don't stay away so long!

(c) Barry S. Maltese2000