Sung to "Meet Me at St. Louis"

We started rehearsing our Play
And Kathy would constantly say . . .
    "You're getting it wrong
            If it takes you all night and all day!"
So we got together one hour
    The notes were a little bit sour
        But instead of Grief . . .
            Came a SIGH OF RELIEF
                Telling LouAnn to play a bit louder

So wont you meet me at rehersal Terry
    Meet us at St Hugh
        The show is due to open Friday
            The days are VERY few
Jean will sing the Hoochie Coochie
    John will wish us Happy Birthday
        If you will meet me at Rehearsal Tommy
            Meet me at St Hugh

Just picture the opening night
    Kathy just quivers with freight
        But we didn't go wrong
            We kept nailing the song
                And the crowd kept applauding on spite


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