Sung to "The Trolley Song" Mellody

Klop, Klop, Klop, went Bridget's high heels
    Ring, Ring, Ring, went Dom's bell
        Thump, Thump, Thump, went the lamp post
            And we ended the show as it fell

Tap, Tap, Tap, went Greg's tap shoes
    Bump, Bump, Bump, went the skate
        Flip, Flip, Flip, went the song Books
            As the Orchestra played the notes Great

It wasn't bright
    The way it went
        Every bit of luck we had was all but spent
We tried to sing
    But only squeaked
        And regretfully our talent fully peaked

Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, went our voices
    Flat, Flat, Flat, went the song
        "OH MY GOD" said poor Kathy
            As we constantly got it all wrong . . .
                As we constantly got it all _______ !

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