The Inner Strength
by Barry S. Maltese

When my willpower is low and the world is on me
I look into myself for the powers that be
And inside of my soul I find the strength to go on
a power sometimes hidden, but Never is gone

When I am feeling sad, as if dark and alone
inside of my soul is a light to be shone
A beacon that will guide me to do all I should do
along with the strength that shall see me right through

I might go inside me, to the quiet that's there
not trying to ignore all of the people who care
Yet, as I embrace all of the strength that's inside
I can easily continue with hope and with pride

So, please don't get worried, angry, or scared
what I must do now,  helps me to face life prepared
And when I am done, and my conflicts can cease
I'll rejoin all my loved ones, with a new inner peace


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