The Symbol of Freedom
by   Barry S. Maltese

The Night shined with a thousand stars
for all of the world to see
The same stars that grace America's Flag
 ... a symbol that we are Free

Upon the backdrop of the truest blue
those stars seem to glimmer and shine
Graced by the Love of so many people
and the Blessings of the Divine

Red and White Stripes hold a special meaning
of Dedication and of Purity
For many shed blood for the Ultimate reason
...that No one bows to Tyrany

And in the flag that waves so very Proudly
are the lives Sacrificed for a cause
Defending the concept of Human Freedom
challenged in so many wars

As our Heroes rest inside of our History
a past filled with Champions untold
We pledge allegiance to our flag
and it's future that has yet to unfold


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