Tested by Time
by Barry S. Maltese

True Love is never completely engulfing
like the sounds of a full harmonic choir
And many a times has all of it's passions
tried, and also tested by fire

It is put in the spotlight almost every day
by others, and of course, by ourselves
And always explores so very deeply
into all that it questions, and delves

For it's easy for someone to claim true love
and the words, so often, flow free
But when a love goes untested at all
it is difficult for one to TRULY see

It takes a few challenges, and also some time
and maybe a heartbreak or two
to discover the strength, and the character . . .
to which a "true heart"  remains true

For the purest of love not only spotlights
the feeling of the two people who care
But reaches into parts of the person's soul
that they each have entitled to share

And it is if a commitment can actually survive
after being put through such a rough test
That the Love that develops from a trial such as this
could only be considered the best


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