They stood in the gallery, side by side
gazing at each other with obvious pride
For one of her artworks was on the wall
the proudest moment she could ever recall

And what was still better - she joyfully told
her colorful creation was labeled 'sold'
Making her heart feel happy and light
for seeing that sign was a beautiful sight

Yes, all of her efforts - her attempt at detail
was truly loved, and she did not fail
because every stroke was a piece of her
from parts that would simmer, and quietly stir

For the colors and strokes hit another's eyes
evoking the very same heartfelt sighs
making her feel appreciated, and less alone
and with this sale, that was easily shown

They left the gallery, smiling one last gaze
knowing that somewhere on some future days
a part of her will be out on display
thus a piece of her being will never fade away

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