Hiking down a path in the great outdoors
I'm gazing down at the ground, when I see bear claws
I run as fast as I can... through a thorny bush
I outrun the bear, but I fall down on my tush

Dashing to another bush, I take a good look around
a calm gentle breeze is the only sound
There is nothing scary, as far as I can see
...except the bush I just found, is Poison Ivy

So I sit under a tree, to quench my thirst
can I eat, before the mosquitoes eat me up first ?!
If I get done real fast with my Peanut Butter and Jelly
I might be finished eating, before the bugs finish me

So I survived the day, and it's the dark of night
I am so very proud... I did everything right
I cuddle into my sleeping bag as the stars fill the air
then "Good night and sweet dreams"
                                       ...calls the voice of the bear
(c)Barry S. Maltese1993

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