People are searching everywhere
to every corner of the earth
A journey of personal discovery
usually starting upon one's birth

We seem to be looking for something special
in places where we think it might hide
Yet, one location that we fail to check
is the world that we have deep inside

It's amazing how far we will venture
to define the true meaning of life
Searching for the thing that makes us special
like a job, a husband, or a wife
So many people look for themselves
far away, and so far abroad
Yet, they fail to find where the treasure is
deep inside where it has been safely stored

So, travel the globe if it makes you happy
let the wind guide you where you might roam
Just remember that the travel isn't important
it is how you find your way home
For with all of the vast world, and galaxy before you
your end is right where you did start
Because all that you need, to find all that you are . . .
is right there inside of your heart

(c)2000 Barry S. Maltese

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