by Barry S. Maltese

There's a Special Majesty to the tides 
slowly washing onto the shore
Sweeping away all the Sand Castles
that the World had built before

As the water pulls back every time
leaving not a single trace
It cleans away all but the memory
of what had once stood in it's place

So very many Amorous couples
had left their prints behind
Strolling quietly along the seashore
to think, and to ease their mind

They never gaze behind themselves
at how their past gets washed away
For they're Enchanted by the Mystic view
of the Never Ending bay

So, the eternal tides still continue
as they have since the very first dawn
Inspiring a world of Accomplished lovers
since the first Romance was born

There will always be a very Special Magic
in every wave that caresses a beach
Symbolizing eternally, how love and hope
return... never staying out of reach
(c)Barry S. Maltese

I hope that you have a very Safe and enjoyable summer


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