The Veteran
Barry S. Maltese

In the middle of some light hearted memories
he recalled some very special names
All of the Fun, jokes, and comradery
amidst all of the fearful war games

He sat with a far distant look on his face
as if the pictures were still very real
You could see in his eyes, what he went through
all that he knew, and did feel

Some of the friends he mentioned in passing
had passes onto a much better place
But while they were here they gave their all
for the sake of the whole human race

He described some wonderful, caring people
and their very close families
And the sense of the family's very deep pain
of a son that was lost overseas

He finished his story with a tear in his eye
for the comrades that he had lost
Knowing how peace was so very vital
yet, wondering how dear the cost

Seeing how Democracy was well protected
somehow eased the weight off of his mind
And though he would do it, if he had to again ...
the sense of war was so hard to find

(c)Barry S. Maltese1999

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