The Passing of Wisdom
Barry S. Maltese

She shook my hand so very gently,
said good bye, and turned away.
Moving slowly through my office
with her hair of silver gray.
The talk that we shared together
taught me something so very new.
That no matter what stage of life you're in
"to thy known self be true".

Her calm smooth voice assured me
that the good and bad even out.
And God, in his infinite wisdom
shall someday ease all my doubt.
Though many mysteries stay unexplained
and we so often just rationalize . . .
Letting the miracles we take for granted
pass us, right before our eyes.

So, slowly she left my office
as she smiled so very peacefully.
Leaving behind some experienced wisdom
that she entrusted to me.
I wondered how many lives she touched
as so slowly she was gone.
For in that piece of herself she left
that lady will always live on.

(c)BarryS. Maltese1999


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