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Update - 11/12/2007

Well, our Opening Weekend has come and gone, and our Play was a hit.
People laughed, and cried, and left with great big smiles.

The one benefit of being the Webmaster of this site is that I get to put what I want (within reason, of course) on these pages.  So, I get to use this space to say just how much of an HONOR it has been to work and play with this years cast. Old friends and new faces brought a great deal of joy, and even support, to each of us who participated.
So many different personalities blended together to make wonderful chemistry.
We tried hard to get it right for our audiences, and our beloved Directors.

Thank you Tommy, Kathy, and Lorraine.  We only hope that we did justice to the
visions that you had in regards to how the Production should have been performed.
I know that I am speaking for the entire Cast when I say
just how proud we were to work with you.

I will try to post another update after this one,
but I offer no promises
Just that I will try my best, God willing, to make it back next year.

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