Some of you have asked me about some of my older stuff, that I have written in the past. Well I hope that this doesn't let you down . . . I wrote this many years ago, in fact, it is one of the first poems (songs) that I had copyrighted . . . please let me know what you think!

Because I have the words
by  Barry S. Maltese

Because I have the words
'cause God was very kind
I can say just what I feel
what is so much on my mind
Yet, if all the words were gone
and I could not speak, or call
You would read what's in my heart
and you would understand it all

Beacuse I know my verbs
and how to say them right
I can whisper sweetened thoughts
on a clear and starry night
But if every word fell still
and you could not hear me speak
You would know just how I feel
and the message that I seek

So, because I have the words
and I say them to you here
I hope you understand
how I wish that you were near
Though inside I know you see
and you know just how i feel
I speak to you these words
so you see that they are real

(c)1978 & (c)1999 Barry S. Maltese


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